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More senior developers are going to have the technical skills to be better at this. BUT… a lot of times more senior developers are used to working in non-startup environments and so may not be willing to move so quickly. They’ll prioritize having that perfectly optimized, scalable architecture over features you need today and you won’t be able to move fast enough. Non-technical managers tend to get understandably nervous because they don’t understand the behind the scenes technical tasks and feel like they’re at the mercy of the developers.

Things to consider are the level of responsibility you will have for the product, high visibility, and accountability, and the strategic thinking involved to move your innovation forward. If your startup’s focus is dependent on the technology, everyone in the organization will be trusting you with their livelihood. Finding a worthy technical co-founder for your startup can be even more challenging than finding a solid developer.

The kind of education, experience, and skills developers receive is absolutely necessary for them to do their jobs well. As an employer, you need to understand this and be ready to pay developers well. Unfortunately, this also means that it can be quite costly for startups to hire developers.

A developer is someone you will almost always need to compensate monetarily in my opinion. The above steps will help you connect with the best developers out there and hire the very best for your development needs. Speaking with old clients will help you double-check the claims made by the developer in question and make sure that you are hiring someone honest. An established development firm like TechoSquare will never hesitate before sharing the references of previous clients. Freelancer developers often disappear after project completion and there will be very little you can do about it. Feel safe and don’t be intimidated by challenges with our tech and industry-specific expertise.

Where to find developers for startup

Their resume will show you their education and past experience but seeing them “in action” will help you assess their skills. Be completely transparent with your plans so that you onboard a development resource that’s perfectly aligned to your goals. BUT – to make this work, you need to make sure that they (have!) take the time to refactorthe code before adding each new feature.

Loyalty and team spirit is extremely important and not to be underrated. If the developer seems like he/ she will be either contentious or apathetic, this could easily turn into more lost time and dampened morale than if the person is lacking some experience in a few areas. If the developer is reliable, flexible, and takes direction easily, this goes a long way. However, you will also want your developer to be independent enough that they do not require constant supervision.


It is simple to contract a freelancer on a quick engagement as a startup programmer, and you can assign projects to freelancers based on the company’s daily operations. Before you search for developers either by yourself or by a software development company, first, you need to understand your project requirements. You have to understand every phase of your project to check the developer on that basis. While you might be overlooking this one of the tips for hiring a software developer at a startup, but it is actually way more important than you think.

We have proven significant experience working with technology startups. When you hire web developer he or she is coming to execute what you have in mind. It is therefore important that you have a clear idea of exactly what you would like the developer to where to find developers do. You should also be able to articulate your idea clearly so that the developer can run with it and give you the results you are looking for. Most times the developer will need to understand the business first before creating a website or app for you.

Where to find developers for startup

Although we have a short time experience with BeKey, we have seen their great determination, personal and professional attitude which I believe will lead to a successful long-term business partnership. We usually start with POC moving to the creation of an MVP, as this is the most reliable approach to product development. If all you are looking for are technical skills then you can easily find someone out there.

That means part of the work of each new task involves refactoring the code they’re about to touch before they implement the feature. Bonus if they have some automated tests to help make sure nothing breaks when they refactor. If things change so much that you no longer want that task, kill it completely – including having them revert their code! See, the team is working with innovative ideas or doing the same old-fashioned tasks every day. Attract the right candidate for your project by writing an effective job description.

You absolutely must prepare well before you begin your search for developers. Essentially, you will be doing the same things you would do when hiring any other kind of professional. Posting a job listing, creating a detailed onboarding process, etc. – all of these are fundamental steps in the hiring process. In addition to analyzing what resources you have right now, it’s also a good idea to calculate your chances of acquiring more resources to hire a developer and complete your project.

Otherwise you’ll have 100 tasks outstanding, none of which are compete, and a TON of time is lost in returning to an older task, trying to remember what you were doing. Despite all the benefits, you must have a reasonable budget to hire a development company. Don’t offer low pay – You need to pay your developers well if you expect good performance high quality of the final product. As mentioned before, you should clearly explain the details of the project – or, in this case, the problem at hand.

How To Hire Developers For A Startup

Quite a few businesses decide to create their own apps when the time comes – after all, it’s a great opportunity to reach more clients. If you love to code and prefer to continue to hone your skills without dealing with the management side of things, this is a potential path for you. You attend the stand-up meetings, get your code submits in on schedule, participate in code reviews, and help clear the product backlog. Depending on your preferred work style, you may be able to negotiate a remote work arrangement and potentially remain a free agent, consulting with various companies that could use your expertise. The freedom and flexibility with this path are attractive for a while, but over time, you may seek more responsibility or consider translating your years of experience into a different role. As a developer, your LinkedIn inbox may be bombarded on a daily basis with requests to join a company, do some freelance work, or help develop an MVP for an emerging startup.

  • To help guide you through the entrepreneurial ecosystem, we have prepared a quick guide to give you an idea of the potential paths your developer career can take you.
  • One more crucial one of the tips for hiring a software developer at a startup is looking in the right places.
  • This article is worth reading as it will provide you with everything you need to know if you have decided to hire professionals for your startup.
  • Once you get to know some developers of your choice, Don’t rush to put them in your workplace.
  • However, if your needs are such that you think the freelancer or single developer can handle the workload, it will be of substantial loss.

Our teams are reliable, professional, and always ready to create the best possible solutions. Their experience will make it easier to switch to disruptive technologies or provide the user with complex but easy-to-understand and user-friendly software. If you have selected a single developer for your Startup, you must start hunting for one and make sure to keep the tips in mind while hiring. However, if you want to hire a development team, you need to hire a CTO to manage a development team for you.

Please give them a scenario to solve, choose the one with the appropriate answer. Also, check their credibility by their communication and dedication towards work.

Yes, it’s sometimes annoying to wait, but since all tasks are one week or less, you never have to wait more than a week. Before you hire a programmer for your startup, outline your project. It will be troublesome not to go for a trustworthy source for the hiring. Misunderstanding the hiring process will increase the risk of missing requirements, and be more time-consuming. The abovementioned method for testing candidates by giving them small problems to solve is ideal for this. You will be able to see how flexible and adaptable the candidate is as well as see their decision-making and problem-solving process.

Tip #2: Decide If You Truly Need A Developer

Make sure you follow the information before you choose a single developer or go for a development company. However, if you have any query regarding the hiring of developers and don’t have prior technical knowledge, get a free consultation at OSSystem and get expert ideas for your Startup. A freelancer is ideal for projects that are too small for a software development company but too large for the existing staff.

Where To Find & How To Hire Developers For Your Startup

At BeKey, we offer web and mobile custom software development services for startups that will meet your requirements and suit your business at every stage of its existence. Picturing what you are looking for is one of the most important tips for hiring a software developer at a startup successfully. By knowing what you want in terms of the tasks you need to complete, you will be able to find the right person or people to do these tasks. This can be a single project (e.g. developing a mobile app) or continuous activities in your company.

How We Meet Startups Needs

They will provide you a developer who may only have fundamental development knowledge. Be wary of young, inexperienced developers who pad their resumes with tons and tons of skills that are split up among many different programming domains. This can sometimes be an indication that they are mainly knowledge-heads and haven’t built anything substantial with any of them. Budget plays an important role in deciding what kind of developers you need to shortlist initially. If your budget is less than 1000 USD for complex software, then, obviously someone with one decade of programming experience won’t engage with you enthusiastically. Remember, web development is an expensive skillset that has an international demand.

It can be scary to take on the role of a founder, but it can also be a rewarding and exciting experience that puts your potential to the test. This means that a committed team is working as startup developers and is entirely responsible for its completion. This approach has the benefit of team members knowing each other and having extensive experience working collectively. However, since they are external collaborators, you need to work closely with them to check progress. That being said, finding the right people for your team could be quite challenging for startups, especially if you don’t have any experience in software development yourself.

Shortlist The Developers

If your colleague or co-worker refers to a company, don’t trust blindly. Having business experience would also make a significant difference. Someone with no business background is more apt to subvert the team in any way. To cope with these problems, follow the checklist given below to determine who you need for your Startup.

Why Or Why Not Hire Freelancers For Ruby On Rails Development?

After the product is finalized, you’ll see if the required product is essential and could be handled by a single developer. When it comes to the tips for hiring a software developer at a startup to avoid making critical mistakes, this one is by far the most important one of them all. You need to assess the inner traits of your candidates as well as their experience and expertise. It’s not enough to focus only on their soft skills while forgetting their hard skills or vice versa. How good your developer will do their job depends on many things, so you should evaluate them all. Another one of the tips for hiring a software developer at a startup is preparation.

One other important point to remember is that it is more useful to assess what the developer has actually accomplished than what they profess to “know”. Do not be swayed by someone who may speak a lot of “techno-babble”, but doesn’t have any concrete examples to show. It may be a good idea to ask the developer to walk you through how they built a particular project so you get a sense of their process. Overall, you will get the best results when posting to tech-specific job boards.

The CTO need not be a complete master of coding and certainly not a specialist in every area of technology since there are so many areas to cover and they are constantly changing. It is also not necessary that the CTO have a formal background in computer science. If you or your other founders have little or no technical background, it is imperative that the CTO know how to project manage as well as develop, or you will face many challenges getting the results you expect. The CTO must also be able to confidently lead and inspire a team of developers while understanding their individual needs.

There is a great talent that you can tap into online for a fraction of the price you would have to pay at home, and the results will blow you away. Some people feel totally out of their depth when it comes to hiring IT personnel. If this is you, then you can always source help in this area by hiring a recruiter to find the right person. That sounds like you will have to fork out more money, but it is better than making a mess of this recruitment and having the job cost you a lot more. A lot of developers understandably take pride in their work and want to build out this perfect architecture that’s optimized and scalable and will handle any new features that you want to throw at it. Be OK with the fact that they’ll sometimes interpret things differently then you what you meant – that’s typical because software is complex.

If you want to hire a single developer, many freelancing sites provide highly expert developers; you can check on Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour etc. Finding skilled software engineers for your project is difficult, but expanding your team will promptly provide you with the support you need. If you want a developer permanently, then you must go for a single startup developer. In the startup, the developer’s team collectively contributes according to their skill level. With experience, their skills polish, and someone with a high skill level becomes a pro developer of the company. While searching for a developer, if you trust an inexperienced software company, it will result in a significant loss.

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